• Chocolates and Cookies

  • Chocolate Hampers

  • Handmade Chocolates


  • 5pc Ferrero Rocher

    Price: INR 359.00

  • Attractive Cadbury Celebrations

    Price: INR 419.00

  • Handmade Chocolates in a Decorative Box

    Price: INR 449.00

  • Belgian Raspberry Delight 50gm

    Price: INR 527.00

  • Tasty Cadbury Celebrations

    Price: INR 539.00

  • Handmade Chocolates in a Golden Decorative Box

    Price: INR 599.00

  • Handmade Chocolates in a Light Brown Decorative Bo

    Price: INR 599.00

  • Belgian Dark Seashells Bonbon

    Price: INR 623.00

  • Yummilicious Belgian Hearts

    Price: INR 624.00

  • Dairy Milk Silk 5-in-1 Hamper

    Price: INR 659.00

  • Belgian Creme Brulee Pralines 50gm

    Price: INR 659.00

  • Golden Chocolate Box

    Price: INR 659.00

  • Royal Chocolate Box

    Price: INR 659.00

  • A Marvellous Box of Handmade chocolates

    Price: INR 659.00

  • Jar with Candies

    Price: INR 671.00

  • INR 90 Off

    Treat with Bournville

    Price : INR 689.00 599.00

    You Save : INR 90.00

  • Candy Treat

    Price: INR 719.00

  • Skittle Fruits Tube 165g

    Price: INR 767.00

  • Assorted Temptation Bar Hamper

    Price: INR 779.00

  • Cadbury Eclairs Jar - 120 Pcs

    Price: INR 779.00

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Nothing is Sweeter than Sending Chocolates to Your Loved Ones in India

If you haven’t tried sending chocolates to the most important persons in your life yet, then, it is about high time that you do so. Here in Gifts & Greets, we give you the chance to send chocolates to India and show your love to the people you care about the most!

Send Chocolates to India

Now more than ever, people are leading very hectic schedules that the mere chore of shopping for gifts has been quite a chore. There even comes a point when they can no longer meet their family and friends during special occasions. For this reason, concepts such as having chocolates delivered to the doorstep were made. Today, you can already send chocolates to India by just placing an order online and look forward to an efficient and quick delivery of these sweet gifts to the special people in your life. Chocolates are no doubt the most wonderful gifts ever discovered by man. People really love receiving these treats as gifts as these are something that just about everyone will surely enjoy. Choose to send chocolates online as this is the most loved gift in a way that is fast and easy with Gifts & Greets.

Send Chocolates Online

There are many chocolate gifts that you can choose from here in Gifts & Greets. The best thing about our special collection is that these come in the most affordable prices. There are a lot of packs that are made affordable for all types of budget, even for those who have the tightest budget for buying gifts. It can never be denied that chocolates are a favorite of people of all ages from all walks of life. Adults and kids alike all want to bite on some chocolates and enjoy the indulging experience. Chocolates come in different types and you can choose one or more, depending on what the receiver likes. When you send chocolates to India online with Gifts & Greets, your sweetness will be felt no matter where you are in the world!